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The Hong Kong New Capital Investment Entrant Scheme requires the following conditions:

Before submitting the application, the applicant must have a personal net asset value of not less than HK$30 million over the preceding two years; and must not have any adverse record.

The investment threshold will be raised to HK$30 million.

Investors can invest in assets such as stocks, funds, bonds, and non-residential properties (with a maximum limit of HK$10 million).

The approved investment assets include two parts:

  1. Financial assets include: stocks, debt securities, deposit certificates, deferred debt instruments, joint collective investment schemes, limited partnership funds, or non-residential real estate (with a maximum of HK$10 million), involving an investment of HK$27 million.
  2. To support the development of the innovation and technology sector and other key industries, a new "Capital Investment Entrant Scheme Investment Portfolio" has been established, with an investment amount of HK$3 million.

Applicants must be foreign nationals over 18 years of age, Chinese nationals with foreign permanent resident status, Macau residents, and Taiwanese residents of Chinese descent. Applicants can bring dependents to Hong Kong, including spouses and unmarried dependent children under the age of 18.

Upon successful visa application, the initial approval is for two years, followed by renewals of three years each, in a '2+3+3' pattern. After residing for not less than seven years, applicants can apply for permanent residency, after which they are free to dispose of their assets.

Applications can be accepted as early as mid-2024, with no limit on the number of applicants. Applicants will also benefit from the arrangement of 'exemption followed by levy' for both the Buyer's Stamp Duty(BSD) and the New Residential Stamp Duty(NRSD).

New Capital Investment Entrant Scheme


  1. 合法身份:
  2. 家庭成員:
  3. 財務狀況:


  1. 資產需求:
    在提出申請前的兩年,擁有不少於港幣 3,000 萬元的個人净資產。
  2. 投資門檻及領域:
  3. 金融市場包括:



  • 股票、債務證券
  • 存款證(不超過300萬)
  • 後償債項
  • 合資集體投資計劃、有限合夥基金
  • 非住宅房地產(上限1,000萬元)


  • 創新及科技行業和其它重點行業發展


  • 成功申請
  • 第一次續期
  • 第二次續期
  • 申請永久居民

Free Follow-up Service UniImmigration Provide

UniImmigration offer a follow –up service of seven years to clients, either applying for the scheme through Uniimmigration or not. All clients are entitled to free "Hong Kong follow-up services of seven years” which includes:

  1. Renew Visa every two years, remind clients of visa expiration date, submit renewal application documents and collect visa for clients
  2. Submit annual asset declaration for clients; replace Hong Kong identity card for school-age dependents
  3. Help clients to declare the changes on their investment portfolio
  4. Providing "Uni" services, such as providing tourist information, buying luxuries and gifts, assisting in property purchase, introducing investment products(e.g., stock and insurance), introducing accounting and legal services, applying to schools for clients’ children

** Free "Hong Kong follow-up services of seven years " is not available for application for Unconditional Stay and Permanent Identity Card.

Requirements of applying for Unconditional Stay and Permanent Identity Card

According to 8.4 and 8.5 of Rules for the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme, applicants may apply to become permanent residents of Hong Kong after a period of continuous ordinary residence in Hong Kong of not less than 7 years and subject to any other relevant requirements under the Immigration Ordinance.

If applicants do not fulfilthe requirements above (eg, they may have incurred period of prolonged absence from Hong Kong), in recognition of the contribution the applicants have made to local economy, they may apply for and if granted obtain unconditional stay at the end of the seventh year, whereupon they would also be free to dispose of the Permissible investment assents under the Scheme in whatever way they wish.