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Head Office:
Level 19 Two IFC, 8 Finance Street,
Central, Hong Kong
Room 507, Greenfield Tower, Concordia Plaza,
No.1 Science Museum Road, TST East, Kowloon
Tel: (852) 2369 2639
Fax: (852) 8147 0730

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HK seven years of follow-up services

All non-immigrant investor by oneworld customers in Hong Kong, all that is entitled to free "Hong Kong seven years of follow-up services" which include: visa renewal every two years, to remind customers to visa expiration date for clients to submit and receive a renewal application documents and visas ; year anniversary of the declaration of assets declared non-customers; for school-age dependents replace Hong Kong identity card; non-declaration of each customer was allowed to change its investment portfolio; providing "Universal Society" services, such as tourist information service, expensive limited tide collecting gifts to assist home buyers in Hong Kong, financial and stock insurance property investment reports, accounting and legal services, read our schools for their children reported.

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About Uni Immigration

Uni Immigration Consultancy Limited is an immigration service company incorporated under Hong Kong legislation. We are set up by experienced consultants, with their expertise in Law, account and other professional grounds. We have lots of professional experts in worldwide immigration law. Detailed immigration advisory service would be provided to clients commencing from a free consultation service...more

Uni Immigration turns out to be mature in the immigration industry, with a clear understanding of the inspection standards of every country's immigration department. Our consultants uphold regular contact with authorities in order to comprehend first-hand information, which could provide a more suitable plan for clients to remain consistent to the legislation.

Uni Immigration has a wide range of services. Apart from the regular advisory services provided by ordinary immigration companies, Uni also carefully studies the client's profile, migrant destination and related laws to design various measures. Uni would assist in inspecting client's personal and company assets and provide professional advice. If the applicant needs to arrange study plans for a dependent child, Uni would also offer a hand by organizing relative procedures to ensure all the details are well made. Uni Immigration earns an enlightening reputation for our detailed and professional consultation. We promise our clients that we only charge upon a successful case. Creating a comfortable environment for our clients to enjoy the highest quality of service is the vision of our company.

Our Investment Immigration Team

Tel:(852) 2369 2639
Fax:(852) 3019 6200
Head Office:
Level 19 Two IFC,
8 Finance Street,
Central, Hong Kong
Room 507, Greenfield Tower,
8 Finance Street,
No.1 Science Museum Road,
TST East, Kowloon